At Weefolk we base our curriculum on the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is designed around the concept that children learn by doing and by being creative. This curriculum is used to guide teachers through the process of creating a developmentally appropriate environment for early childhood education.


Weefolk also incorporates a few supplemental programs to further enhance your child’s learning experience.
The enrichment programs include:



Once a week a staff member will expose the children to musical instruments, music vocabulary, dancing and singing.


The children will use the attached gymnastics building ( North Star) on a weekly basis and engage in movement activities.


Staff will expose children on a daily basis to the days of the week, numbers, colors, and simple words in Spanish.


Once a week the children will prepare a food experience that displays proper nutrition as well as a discussion on healthy habits.

Zoo Phonics:

This is a fully designed program for reading readiness. Zoo Phonics pairs letters with an animal, motion and letter sound. The program allows children the ability to move and have fun as they are processing information through this movement and sound production.